Delivering Exceptional Service

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

At Bill & Ben, we are so excited to have the opportunity to work in partnership with your company. Our objective is to work with you to design a service package that provides additional value to you, over and above the service standards of your current carrier. Additionally, we want to work together to design an infrastructure in which we can provide you with significant cost savings, while still providing quality profit margins for both of our organizations. We pledge to you cost savings and enhanced service value in the hope that as our role expands, and we are rewarded with enhanced volumes.

Our People

Our management team uses BackCheck services to verify that our applicants are trustworthy, and provide rigorous training. Much of our success in the industry can be attributed to our Custom Training Packages. We develop a specific training package customized to each individual client's model, so that our front line staff is properly educated in your business, and your processes.

Value-added Technology

Our fleet is equipped with GPS Tracking capabilities. This provides us with the ability to pinpoint the location of any truck in our fleet at any time. From dispatch, we can determine which delivery a crew is handling at that moment, enabling us to provide customers with accurate information. The tracking capabilities also provide security for any client entrusting us with their valued merchandise.

Home Delivery Claims Process

Accountability is a vital strength of Bill & Ben, that few of our competitors share at Bill & Ben. Our company and our team carry the most comprehensive insurance coverages to protect ourselves and our clients from any incident. We carry contents, liability and warehouse insurance, and are fully bonded. Part of operating an accountable firm, is the existence of strict regimen for handling property damage claims for our valued customers. We have a team equipped with the knowledge and resources to handle claims on the fly. The Bill & Ben Promise, requires us to contact customers to respond to a property damage claim within 48 hours, have a plan to resolve the issue within 96 hours and to settle the claim within fourteen days.

The physical delivery of your product is the FINAL impression that you'll have of your customer. Make it a great final impression by trusting in our knowledgeable, personable staff and management, and take advantage of our priority service offer.

Warehousing Bill & Ben is your best name for Western Canadian warehousing services. Have your shipping, receiving and inventory control systems handled by the industry specialists at Bill & Ben. Our warehouses are environmentally controlled, and use sophisticated security systems and video surveillance. Your merchandise will be in good hands at a Bill & Ben warehousing facility.