Do It Yourself VS. Hiring Professional Movers

Updated: March 31, 2017

When planning for your upcoming long haul move, budget may be the most important factor when choosing whether or not to hire a Calgary mover.  You may be considering renting a truck, and doing the move yourself.  Here is an outline of the pros and cons for doing it yourself…we’ll try to avoid bias.

Pros for DIY Moves

Minimal Cost

A local move for a U-Haul in Calgary will be roughly $150.00.  They charge a small rental fee, and then a much higher rate per kilometer.  You will spend about $40.00 in fuel, and another $50.00 on pizza and refreshments for your friends.

Cons for DIY Moves


A professional Calgary mover doesn’t just come equipped with knowledge and experience that allow them to remove the furniture from your house without damaging walls; they also come equipped with eighty to one hundred commercial grade moving pads to wrap and protect furniture in the truck to keep it safe in transit.  Damage to your walls or property could cost you thousands of dollars if you cannot repair them before the change in possession.  If your furniture is valuable to you, keep in mind that two or three pieces will probably be damaged in a do it yourself moving scenario.  Add $800.00 to your DIY budget to replace damaged product.

R & R after your move

Your do it yourself move is likely to take 150% longer than a move performed by professional Calgary movers.  This is time that you’ll spend moving furniture, instead of unpacking, or resting to prepare for your upcoming workday.

Heavy Items

There are a few items in almost every move that exceed four hundred pounds (400 lbs).  Moving these pieces could be any combination of difficult, impossible and dangerous.


The upfront cost of moving yourself is minimal, approximately $210.00 as calculated in this article.  However, damage to your belongings or property could be costly, punching the budget for a do it yourself move to $1010.00.  The move will take much longer, and you take risk to your back in lifting the heavier pieces.

The Decision

Hire a Calgary Moving Company.  The average cost for moving a basic three bedroom house in Calgary is $874.65.  In the long run you could actually save money by hiring Bill & Ben The Mighty Moving Men for your upcoming move. Call us today at 855-655-6683.

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