Choosing a Moving Company

Updated: March 7, 2017

Calgary moving companies can come in any forms.  When choosing a Calgary moving company make certain you ask the following important questions!

How long have you been in business?

If you have a large move, or valuable furniture, you’ll want to choose a Calgary moving company that has been in business for at least two years.

What insurance do you provide for your customers?

Alberta Movers, and moving companies across the country are subject to a federal mandate to cover damaged furniture at $0.60/lb per item.  However, less reputable moving firms will only provide this coverage if you pay for it, and could then surprise you with a deductible to access your coverage.  You should also get a copy of their current insurance certificate, this way you know they have general business and liability coverage.

Do you take major credit cards?

Any reputable Calgary mover will take major credit cards.  Do not hire a mover that will not take payment by credit card.

Is the business accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

The BBB of Southern Alberta and the East Kooteneys could be your only recourse against your Calgary Mover, Lethbridge Mover or Medicine Hat Mover.  Any accredited Calgary moving company with a quality BBB rating, will want to keep it this way!  This means any issue related to your service or billing will be handled quickly and efficiently with the help of the Better Business Bureau.

Are there other fees involved?

Typically a Calgary moving company will charge an hourly rate, with an additional charge of one hour to get the crew from their home base to the pick-up location, and back to their home base from the drop off location.  For your budgeting purposes, be sure to ask your Calgary mover if there is a fuel surcharge or any sort of creative admin fees.  Then be sure to GET IT IN WRITING by email!

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